There is talk about the quality of Naturfönster’s windows. We do not advertise like other window manufacturers we sell following recommendations from previous customers. Advertising would only make our products more expensive and not give you added value. Satisfied customers are the best advertising in the world and we know satisfied customers will return. Cheap marketing and loose promises are not for us Natural windows produce real wood windows and wood with aluminum windows that are largely handmade. The craftsmanship and the material are in focus. The surface treatment on our windows is very high. We paint our wooden windows 4 times. Common in the window industry is 2 times. This provides a natural rot protection, gives a perfect finish which also makes our windows very beautiful Window manufacturers – Natural windows sell – deliver: Real wood windows! Natural windows are made of natural materials, wood and wood with aluminum. We have opted out of solvents and components that are not recyclable or harmful to the environment. We want to give you nature through your windows, in a natural way and without burdening future generations. We manufacture real wooden windows, both windows that are suitable for old houses, so-called cult windows and also for modern houses. We are a Småland company and therefore we also want to give you a REALLY good price. We believe that we are the price leader within several product groups. How can we be that, while maintaining really high quality? Naturfönster has almost no marketing at all, we sell on customer satisfaction through returning customers who are mainly construction companies and through recommendations from customers who have Naturfönster installed in their house. Then we have shortened the distribution chain.

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