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Steel Physique with CarolAnn

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Shed those unwanted inches off your body with the Steel Physique System. This show provides several workouts that focus on sculpting and defining your entire body through the fusion of weight resistance training and many of your favorite Pilates and yoga exercises. Improve posture alignment, abdominal and back strength, and overall flexibility all while getting a boost of energy to get through the day.

Try all 4 workouts:
Steel Physique Signature Workout
Steel Pilates Physique
Steel Yoga Physique
ABSolutely Steel


222986 (6 years, 7 months ago)
Hey Gang...Until NON-MVT Members can comment., I am adding them in myself. "Well! I started the steel physique videos, I did the abs one and I LOVE IT! Just like the when I attended your clbottomes. I'm so happy I invested in them and can't wait to do the next video tomorrow. Your videos with my walk/run, elipitical machine cardio is a great combination. Everyone who can't attend your clbottomes should buy these videos!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME! THANKS A BUNCH!!!" - Mary Pipitone Tampa, FL
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