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SOB Spotlight On Business With Ivan Porges

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Video Communication, Marketing and Branding at its best! We provide a toolbox of video services for ANYONE to Promote, Market and Brand themselves effectively on the internet. We help you SAVE and EARN money, AND add a level of convenience to your lives!!

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MyVideoTalk (MVT) is changing the way we communicate - and the way we do business! Watch the videos to find out how The Power of 2 system of building a Network is the most powerful way to build a loyal customer base and earn life long Financial Freedom at the same time. And it's very, very simple...

You understand compound interest, don't you? Well we know that compound interest is the best ROI. What if you could have controlled ROI. That would absolutely be the best ROI available, wouldn't it? Well, the Power of 2 wealth formula is your opportunity to have controlled compound interest, and there is absolutely nothing out there that gives you better ROI!!

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223124 (4 years, 7 months ago)
Spotlight on Business is very informative. I enjoyed learning about the different businesses. Great show. -Audrey
207568 (6 years, 8 months ago)
Realtors are getting 78% MORE calls from Prospects by using these simple Video Marketing Tools.

My Video Talk is CHANGING the way the world communicates and markets.

With My Video Talk, the future of COMMUNICATION is HERE!!
207568 (6 years, 8 months ago)
My Video Talk's suite of products is for ANY Business Owner who wants to do Live Virtual Meetings, Video Emails and Video Conferencing....But DOESN"T want to spend $99 per month on Go To Meeting!
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